Introducing Chunky: A chunk generator for Minecraft

Posted on Nov 29, 2016

I have a love-hate relationship with the terrain from Minecraft. One the one hand, it's the terrain that makes every world kind of memorable in it's own way. It comes at cost though; the process of generating terrain can cripple a server.

That's where Chunky comes in. Chunky lets you pregenerate a world so that our blocky wanderers don't cause the server logs to fill with “CAN'T KEEP UP!”

Okay. Why?

There were a few things that came together for this. Mainly, I needed it. World generation on our current server is super intense. Without having the terrain pregenerated, there's a real disincentive for players to explore more of the server. No good.

Before I decided to write one, I tried to find a good one. There are a few mods, but only one that I found claimed 1.10.2 support. Unfortuantely, it had several bugs that kept it from functioning properly. Some I fixed. Some would have taken larger efforts to even debug.

Really though, I've wanted to learn how to make mods for quite some time now, and chunk generation seemed like a relatively simple task. Chunk generation was just an excuse of sorts in that sense.


Right now this is a bit rough around the edges. I'm enjoying it though, and I hope to get some more functionality knocked out soon.