Clojure-Snake: Bringing my desk ornament to my desktop

Lately I’ve been exploring the world of Clojure. I’m not sure whether it was the siren song of functional programming that started driving me, the simplicity of Lisp, or my curiosity about this language that was being promoted by the likes of Uncle Bob. Whatever the cause, I needed to explore this strange world head first. I needed to try out this language for myself.

I spent much of time just dipping my toes in and writing little toy programs here and there. Finally though, I decided to just jump in. I would rewrite my 3D Snake desk ornament in Clojure. So, how did it go? I think it went pretty well.

The cube above is written in Clojure. From Clojure I called into Three.js for the WebGL rendering.

Source available here or in the developer tools for this page. View fullscreen here