Posted on Nov 17, 2016

I'm a guy from northern Alabama. I write software, and I've spoken at a conference or two.

I wrote a package manager for Drupal 6 that was used on 3,300+ servers. There are a few other bits of code floating around out there as well. Most of it is open source.

Below is a list of contributions I've made. Some of these patches are exclusively my code, but by nature open source is collaberative. Many of the patches are the result of pairing, feedback, and coordination with other wonderfully talented developers.

chunkgenChunks are not generated on 1.10.2Diff2016/11/17
startbootstrap-clean-blog-jekyllPull fonts from HTTP or HTTPS based on site protocolDiff2015/02/09
NLogCorrects a xml doc copy-paste errorDiff2014/12/29
Apache CloudStackFixed Assorted Documentation TyposDiff2014/08/25
Multiverse-PortalsFixes performance issue that causes modded Minecraft servers to lockup when resetting adventure worlds.Diff2014/02/15
DrupalRearranging Views Field Order Loses Existing FieldsDiff2013/06/12
DrupalViews Contextual Filter Produces Fatal ErrorDiff2013/06/11
GitLabFixed Typo in Email TemplateDiff2012/02/12
TDSMIO Error While Saving Prevents Future Save AttemptsDiff2011/07/31
TDSMAllow Item Spawning Near a Given PlayerDiff2011/07/23
MediaDiscovered Security Vulnerability: Local File Access2010/05/13
XML SitemapIncorrect Help TextDiff2010/04/30
MediaMedia Browser Only Works if Drupal is at Installed at RootDiff2010/02/16
DrupalMissing Images in Drupal CoreDiff2009/12/23
DrupalPrevent Full Bootstrap On Cron For PerformanceDiff2009/12/15
DrupalTypo Prevents System Test From PassingDiff2009/12/10
DrupalRemove Drupal Function RegistryDiff2009/08/24
TrollIntegrate Troll Module with PHP-IDSDiff2009/04/12
User Points ContribCreate User-to-User Points ModuleDiff2007/07/02