Joshua Rogers

Accidental Adventures in Development

The Missing Git Command

The power of git blame without the blaming

Birthday Bash

Providing Bash with a bit more pizazz


Bringing my desk ornament to my desktop

Musical Impostor

I made a thing. And I like it.


Hey look, a side project!

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part VIII

It isn't all rainbows and unicorns

Passing Static Credentials Upstream through NGinx

Making NGinx add credentials to upstream requests

Redirecting Requests with NGinx

Using NGinx configuration to quickly redirect traffic

Why Casting List(T) Isn't a Thing

Examining an 'obvious' upcast that really isn't.

SOCKS Proxy Over SSH

If you have access to SSH, then you have access to run your own proxy server

Securing SSH

Just because it has secure in the name doesn't mean that it's secure out of the box

Launching Remote GUIs over SSH

SSH provides a CLI, but sometimes you just need a GUI too

Quickly Transferring Files In Linux

Transfer files intellegently with RSync

File Hashing

If you look close enough, even files have fingerprints

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part VII

Wrapping up our Fiddler World Tour

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part VI

Use FiddlerScript to identify common problems

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part V

Make Fiddler even more powerful by adding extensions


Pandora without all the Flash

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part IV

Simulate responses by engaging Fiddler's AutoResponders

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part III

Use breakpoints to edit live requests

Triggering Bamboo From GitLab

Making CI and VCS servers play together

Now HTTPS Enabled

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part II

Simulate client side requests without needing the client side

Getting to Know Fiddler: Part I

Capture and debug traffic from a mobile device

Stubbing Web Services with Sinatra

Standing up a quick server for your client application

I <3 DevOps because I <3 Code

The means to our end

Resetting the Root Password on Linux

Mounting SMB shares in Ubuntu

Installing CloudStack 4.3 on Ubuntu Server 14.04


Redirecting with iptables

Basic Access Restrictions with NGinx

Building a Quick Reverse Proxy

Moving the MySQL Data Directory on Ubuntu

Finding Duplicate Linking in Multi-Module Flex Apps

Fun with Memory Allocation

Find All Directories That Have Been Deleted In Git

Adding an Ubuntu Machine to a Windows Domain

MCEdit Surface Circle Filter

Find All Issues Referenced in Commit Messages

Automating Git Branch Cleanup

Remotely Mirroring a Disk from Linux

Changing styles with Paperclip

Thoughts on Paper Planes

Challenge: Unconditionally Conditional

From Manual to Automated Builds - Presentation Assets

Detecting Unreferenced Files In Flex

Pain-Free Feature Branch Testing: Update

Compiling Adobe Flex with Ant

Pain-Free Feature Branch Testing

Getting to know Ant: Part II

Getting to know Ant: Part I

Thoughts on Technical Debt

GiveCamp Birmingham 2011

Share a Remote Music Library with iTunes from Linux